Battery work published in Nature Communications

A paper by our group and collaborators at University of Wisconsin, Madison and MIT is recently published in Nature Communications. Dr. Liang Hong is a lead author and Fan is a co-author of the paper.

“Two-dimensional lithium diffusion behavior and probable hybrid phase transformation kinetics in olivine lithium iron phosphate”,

In this work, Dr. Linsen Li from Dr. Song Jin’s group at Wisconsin performed operando X-ray microscopy experiments on a common battery compound LiFePO4. We interpreted the experimental results with theoretical analysis and made a couple of notable findings, that is, 1) defects can fundamentally change Li diffusion behavior in this compound and may potentially benefit battery performance, and 2) there exists a hybrid phase transformation mechanism that is unique to intercalation compounds.

Here’s the news story on this work:            It has been picked by multiple news outlets such as ScienceDaily, Futurity and PhysOrg.

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